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Training Courses

 We are able to offer BID businesses a range of FREE training courses; places are limited so please book early to secure your place. 

Date/Time        Topic   Venue 

Tuesday 8 May           

10:00 and 12:00


 Keeping your Business Safe from Cyber Crime

Why Attend?

The Government rank Cyber-Crime as big a threat as terrorism. The reality is, you are much more likely to be a victim of cyber-crime than any other crime. 80% of these crimes are preventable with good cyber hygiene.

Businesses are under threat from atacks such as 'ransomeware' and crypto locker software. They are also just as likely to pay away money to fake invoices and internal payment requests.

This session looks at:

  • The current key threats to your business
  • The best steps you can take to protect yourself and your staff
  • New 2018 GDPR legislation and the impact this may have on your business 

Who Should Attend

  • Management staff responsible for the security of customers, staff and the property
  • Finance department staff or anyone likely to come across invoices, payment requests etc.
  • Any member of staff responsible for overseeing the GDPR changes to the business

With new GDPR laws coming into action May 2018, it is essential that all businesses are following guidelines and "Best Practice" methods. This course will help to highlight the upcoming changes, as well as the impact it can have on any business that is found to not be following new legislation guidelines.

This course will be facilitated by Joe Cooksey, from Barclay's Digital Engagement Team.

  The Lamb Inn, Orford Place, Norwich


More courses will be added in due course, please stay posted for details.

For futher information regarding our free training sessions please contact Aidan Lewis, 01603 727930

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